Sakan Japan

Sakan Japan is the website of plasterer TOURU (Tomohisa Hiraishi).

What is TOURU?

Sakan Japan is the website of plasterer TOURU (Tomohisa Hiraishi).

The true potential of plaster emerges not from the self-satisfaction of the craftsman but only when two distinct characters are intermingled.

What shape will the ideas and techniques of the crastman give to the soft, mud-like plaster?

The delight and surprise of this process is something universal that should be shared with as many people as possible.

This is the goal of TOURU and Sakan Japan.


Tomohisa Hiraishi

Tomohisa Hiraishi

Tomohisa Hiraishi was born in 1977 in Oobu-shi, Aichi Prefecture. A lover of solo strolls through the forest, he spent much of his youth emersed in drawing pictures.

Tomohisa then spent all three of his middle school years engaged in gymnastics. It is thanks to this that he has a good sense of balance when plastering walls.

Though he wished to take an interior design course at a vocational trading school upon completing high school, a trip to the building of the plastering course changed this when he witnessed students practicing their trade.
Captivated by the mystique of plastering as a profession and that walls could be made of earthen materials, Tomohisa set off down the path of a plasterer.

However, the truth was that he spent his days struggling to find motivation. But, one day while Tomohisa filled his notebook with scribblings instead of paying attention in class, his teacher noticed and told him that he had promise and introduced him to a job at Okada Construction, where he gained substantial hands-on plastering experience.

Tomohisa approached his trade with earnestness of one eager to become a professional.

At around the ten-year mark, he began working in more creative and feature-oriented plastering after a storefront project for the Kamiya Design.
This would be the first time Tomohisa truly tasted the fun and potential of working as a plasterer.

After 13 years of training, he finally left the care of Okada Construction in order to further explore the possibilities of his beloved trade.

Tomohisa opened TOURU in Seto-shi, Aichi Prefecture in 2009. There his delvings in the realm of plaster continue to this day through projects with artchitects, designers, and artists!

3-8-2 Takane-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi
Area of availability
Worldwide (The galaxy is the limit!)




Hearing the purpose and and ultimate direction of the project allows us to discuss ideas and approximate estimates for a presentation in plaster

Production of a sample (for a fee)

Production of a sample (for a fee)

Viewing a sample will allow us to further refine the details of the project.

Agree on an estimate

Agree on an estimate

The client pays an advance fee (50%) so that work can commence.



I arrive at the site and begin work based upon a progress schedule. Depending on the nature of the project I made need to do additional preparations at our atelier beforehand.



We check over the site and reach an agreement that everything is completed to satisfaction.


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